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Chad Sageser
Where I feel home is a city named Oakridge, Oregon. Home to the sweetest single-track in the world and some truly amazing backcountry skiing! Oakridge is surrounded by limitless outdoor opportunities for one to get out and explore...
Gear list
It's all Canon - "simply it always works"
Still Camera Gear
Digital SLR Camera body (2) EOS Mark II 8.2 Mega Pixel
"No more spending hours scanning slides"
16~35mm f2.8L lens
70~200mm f2.8L lens
400mm f2.8 IS lens
1.4 EF extender
Various Tiffen and Hoya filters
XL1s Digital Video camera
XL 32mm~98mm Wide angle lens
XL 52mm~1036mm Telephoto lens
Optura 200MC mini digital video
with fisheye - wide angle - telephoto lenses
Tripods & Mounts
Gitzo Tripod & Monopod "The Best out there"
"Really Right Stuff" mounts & quick release plates "The Best out there"
Apple Power Book G4
- 250GB external harddrive
Adobe Photoshop 7 & Final Cut Pro
Yada Yada Yada......